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Whitesides + Exercise = Whitecise

Tasked with keeping members of the Black & Gold in peak shape year-round, strength and conditioning coach John Whitesides takes on his biggest challenge yet -- getting you Whitecised this summer.

Throughout the season, bostonbruinsTV will air a new episode of Whitecise that will help you strengthen and condition a different area of the body. Whitesides will demonstrate exercises, movements, and proper technique. Each episode progresses from beginner to elite athlete (ie. Bruins players) so you can work them into your overall health & fitness program.

Previous Episodes
Date Episode Description Watch
6/29 Ep 1: Tour of Bruins Training Facility (8:03)
Strength & Conditioning Coach John Whitesides gives a tour of the Bruins training facility in Wilmington.
Ep 1: Tour of Bruins Training Facility
6/29 Ep 2: Abs & Low Back (Core) (18:39)
John Whitesides takes you through an extensive "core" workout that focuses on abs and low back.
Ep 2: Abs & Low Back (Core)
7/06 Ep 3: Chest (12:15)
Whitesides coaches Mark through a progression of push-ups for a great chest workout without weights.
Ep 3: Chest
7/13 Ep 4: Groin (13:34)
Coach Whitesides instructs Mark through a series of groin exercises.
Ep 4: Groin
7/20 Ep 5: The Warmup (16:08)
John Whitesides instructs you through the team's warmup routine, done prior to working out to prepare your muscles and prevent injury.
Ep 5: The Warmup
7/27 Ep 6: Shoulders (18:31)
John Whitesides puts Mark through an extensive shoulder workout, demonstrating how to work out with exercise bands.
Ep 6:  Shoulders
8/03 Ep 7: Balance & Stability (18:31)
John Whitesides demonstrates how to build strength and body control though a balance and stability workout.
Ep 7: Balance & Stability
8/10 Ep 8: Overlooked Areas (19:47)
John Whitesides focuses on the small muscle groups often overlooked: wrists, grip, calves, shins and ankles.
Ep 8:  Overlooked Areas
8/17 Ep 9: Back (20:57)
Coach Whitesides puts Mark through another in-depth workout that focuses on the back.
Ep 9: Back; Stability
8/24 Ep 10: Legs (16:37)
Coach Whitesides takes Mark through a leg workout in this episode of Whitecise.
Ep 10: Legs

John Whitesides has been the team's Strength and Conditioning Coach for the past 11 seasons. He is a double graduate of the University of Maine, earning his Bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education in 1995 and his Master's degree in Exercise Physiology in 1997.

Mark has been part of the Bruins organization for over three years. He is the Ticket Sales Manager for the team. Mark enjoys playing golf, basketball and working out with Whitesides.

Always consult your physician or other qualified health provider before beginning a workout and/or conditioning program.