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Concord, MA

How many seasons have you been a Boston Bruins Ice Girl?
This is my second season.

Favorite junk food:
Chips, ice cream and bacon

Favorite color:
Black and Gold!

At what age did you begin skating?
At the age of 4

The best part of being a Bruins Ice Girl is…
…being at the games and skating on the Garden ice! As well as being a part of charitable events.

Do you have a superstition?
I always have to check the blades of my skates before I go onto the ice. I always feel like there's something on them! And, I don't step on cracks on the sidewalk.

What is your biggest phobia?
Daddy long legs spiders

Do you collect anything?
Buddha statues and shoes…lots of shoes

What is your favorite non-hockey sport to watch?
Olympic curling

What is your worst habit?
Being very loud